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Police believe that Taryn Summers was murdered, but that her two young relatives who were also missing are now safe
Tristan Conner Sexton, 16, Taylor Summers, 14, and Taryn Summers, 8, were all last seen in the small Idaho town of Emmett on separate dates
Police say that David Anthony Burns killed Courtney Coco in the course of a robbery
"It's our worst fear, an active shooter in a school," Knoxville Police Chief Eve Thomas said
The veteran officer has been placed on administrative leave after Sunday's fatal shooting
Joe Gutierrez, who is accused of using excessive force during a traffic stop of Lt. Caron Nazario, has been dismissed
Twelve survivalists brave 60 days in an unforgiving terrain — and the locale may surprise you
Nikki Reardon, 32, has been charged with tampering with a human corpse, child endangerment and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon
"She has bent over backwards to make sure that he can see the kids while he recovers from his injuries," the source says of Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods' ex-wife
Christy Mathis, 50, was working as an art teacher at Mosinee Middle School in Wausau, Wisc.
Another insider tells PEOPLE in this week's issue that Woods is paying no attention to speculation over the crash
Police are looking for the person or persons responsible for the shooting
The gunman is in critical condition after shooting himself during a police standoff
Joshua Green, 27, went on a shooting spree that killed four other people and ended with his death by suicide
Ryan Fischer was walking the singer's three dogs when gunmen approached, shot him, and kidnapped the dogs
Suzanne Fountain was one of ten victims in Monday's mass shooting
Carrie Witt, 47, pleaded guilty on Monday to one count of a school employee engaging in a sex act with a student under the age of 19
"I thought it was my last day on earth," Brian Shannon says about the King Soopers shooting
"Enough is enough," the Masked Singer judge says about the rise in anti-Asian violence
A gunman opened fire at a Colorado grocery store on Monday afternoon
The victims of last week's attack left behind grieving families who are grappling with their sudden loss
The spokesman for the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office was also under fire for controversial Facebook posts from 2020
"The situation has gotten worse, much worse," the actor testified
A spokesman for the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is under fire for controversial Facebook posts from 2020
Alcalira Jimenez De Rodriguez has been charged with practicing medicine without a license and resisting arrest without violence