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Stars Tease Matt Damon for Bad Breath, Hair Plugs

Ben Affleck, Sarah Silverman and others roast the star at the American Cinematheque Award ceremony
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Jeff Bridges Wonders If Oscar Win Is All a Dream

The actor thanks his colleagues and his wife Susan for taking him as he is – hair or no hair
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How Jane Kaczmarek Is Dealing with Her Divorce

Working with charities gives her perspective and she looks forward to the new year
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True Blood Wedding Going to the Dogs

Stephen Moyer's border collie will be ringbearer when his master marries Anna Paquin
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True Blood Costar Unaware of On-Set Romance

But Ryan Kwanten has the perfect gift for the engaged Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

Mischa Barton Calls Being Single 'Great'

After a string of relationships, the actress says it's "important to breathe"