Sean Lowe

In his final post as the Bachelor, Sean Lowe describes the emotions of saying goodbye and proposing
"I am sorry if I said anything at all that misled her," he writes
"I need to share my life with someone who is adventurous," Sean writes of keeping Catherine and Lindsay
"I felt confident in giving a rose to AshLee and Lindsay, but I had questions about Des and Catherine," he writes
The Bachelor star blogs about why he had to send home the season's most controversial contestant
"I felt so much better about the future after leaving Canada," Lowe writes
"I left Montana really down on this whole experience," he writes of his most recent dates
"Sending her home was one of the more difficult things I had to do," Lowe writes
Lowe writes about his date with Lesley M., the drama with Kacie and why AshLee became a "frontrunner"
The Bachelor star blogs about free-falling with Sarah, an uncomfortable group date and "clicking on every level" with Desiree
"Her piercing eyes and beautiful smile stopped me in my tracks," Lowe writes in his blog for
"I believe I can find love a second time through this experience," he says of the reality show