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President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden admit that — though the dogs are well-trained — Champ and Major break little rules from time to time
"Dr. B"'s running start in the East Wing suggests she’ll be a busy, first-of-her-kind first lady 
“I’m not looking for any retribution," the new president tells PEOPLE
PEOPLE gets an exclusive look at the new president's first weeks in office — and special photos from inauguration night
"I wanted her available to participate in everything that I did. As I told her: I wanted her to be the last person in the room," President Biden says of his vice-president
The president and first lady open up in their first White House interview about the highs and lows of their journey, as a couple, to this pinnacle
"The whole night was magical," the first lady tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story
“My job is to try to heal the country and move us forward," Biden tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story
The new president and first lady open up about their initial days after returning to Washington, D.C., and starting the nation’s next chapter: “We have problems, but we also have enormous opportunities”
The pop star and tech investor were photographed sharing a kiss — with their masks on! — during President Joe Biden's inauguration last week
"People were a little nervous — and not just because they would be singing in front of the world — but the mood was also very positive," a source says
Monday marked the two-year anniversary of George H. W. Bush's death — in this interview, originally published in December 2018, Barbara remembers her favorite moments growing up with grandfather
"We could ride through town and people wouldn't know who we were," the former president recalls
“I'm just gonna be like other American citizens — praying for him, hoping for his success,” Obama says
The former president sat down with PEOPLE for an hour-long conversation about his new memoir and his life in and after politics
"I could not have been prouder of them," former President Barack Obama tells PEOPLE
The Obama daughters have gotten closer as they've gotten older, their dad says
In an hour-long conversation with PEOPLE, the former president describes the tensions between him and the former first lady when he was in office and how their marriage is now thriving, even in quarantine
In his first speech as president-elect, the former vice president drew on his most personal pain.
"Because we're athletes, we're constantly on the go and we never get to spend this much time with people that you love," Megan Rapinoe tells PEOPLE in this week's issue
In her new memoir One Life, Megan Rapinoe details how her family has dealt with her brother's drug addiction and numerous incarcerations, telling PEOPLE they had to learn how to not "enable" him
"It's been the greatest gift and a big silver lining in this whole thing," Megan Rapinoe told PEOPLE about spending quality time with Sue Bird amid the pandemic
"Respect the names that people are given and use those names with respect," the vice presidential candidate tells PEOPLE
When the former president chose a 2016 portrait for his upcoming A Promised Land, it was a happy — and ironic — ending to the story of how that picture came to be