Ron Arias

After losing one student to gang violence, Paul White vowed to save other kids
Debbie Rowe says she wasn't coaxed when it came to her friendly TV remarks about Michael
Katherine Jackson says the testimony wasn't too graphic; she just had to go to the restroom
Another ex-employee testifies that the singer acted inappropriately with the young actor
"Michael started to talk about masturbation," the witness recounts in his testimony
The boy claims the star surfed Internet porn with him and coached him to call him "Daddy Michael"
During cross-examination, the defense attempts to paint the accuser's brother as a liar
The star makes eye contact in the courtroom with those who may decide his fate
"He's been painted as the devil," Jackie Peterson tells the courtroom. "He's not that!"
The judge denies a defense request for a new jury and postpones the penalty phase until Nov. 30
Removal comes just one day after another juror was replaced by an alternate
The 12-member panel now must start deliberations from scratch
The six-man, six-woman panel tells the judge they may be deadlocked in the murder case
Mark Geragos quietly comes to the end of his presentation in the murder trial
The defense suggests that Scott Peterson's wife was killed in a case of mistaken identity
Jurors hear their fourth day of phone conversations between Peterson and his former mistress
In phone conversations played in court Thursday, Scott admits to Amber that his wife is missing
Talking to Amber Frey, Scott says his favorite movie is about a deranged husband
Under cross-examination, a detective admits he omitted reports of witnesses seeing Laci
Fireworks explode in the courtroom as Mark Geragos erupts over "concealed" evidence
A distant relative casts doubts on Scott's alibi, and tensions mount in the courtroom
"He didn't show the concern about the fact that Laci was missing," Sharon Rocha testifies
Family members say Laci was too fatigued to be out walking, as the defense suggests
Scott's family stands behind the murder suspect "200 percent," they tell the magazine