Reporting By Scott Huver

The couple opened up about handling Crenn's breast cancer in the wake of their engagement
Geena Davis earned an honorary Oscar for her efforts to end gender inequality in the industry
The Desperate Housewives costars appeared on the show together from 2005 to 2006
Chris Pratt is glad Disney reinstated James Gunn as Guardians of the Galaxy 3 director
Britney Young, who plays Carmen "Machu Picchu" Wade, based her character on a real gentle giant, original GLOW wrestler Emily "Mountain Fiji" Dole
Lady Gaga opened up about her "debilitating mental spirals" that led to suicidal thoughts, and pushes for preventive mental health care
Michael Douglas was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday with his very own star after almost 50 years in the industry
Nothing wrong with a little friendly family rivalry.
At the Producers Guild Awards, producer Shawn Levy said although it is set in an imaginary town, the Netflix hit is all about lifting the downtrodden
"She, and all of the kids, always make us look so bad, because they always show up with their lines so memorized, so well-prepared," Stonestreet joked to PEOPLE
"I feel like it was supposed to be me somehow because I have a lot of experience working with the homeless, working with the mentally ill"
The actor is starring in two buzzy series this fall: NBC's This Is Us and Netflix's upcoming Gilmore Girls revival
"I have revered Mandy Moore for so long, and I just love her," Metz told PEOPLE
The actress loves being greeted by her pair of corgi mutts
The Wrestler star says “this is for you, baby” during his acceptance speech for best actor at the Spirit Awards.