Rachel DeSantis

Lisa Racine said she'll keep the job on an on-call basis even after her and her dad are vaccinated
The district superintendent said the assignment was meant to show students "just how horrible slavery was and to gain empathy" for enslaved people
Bill Magness was reportedly terminated from the organization on Wednesday
Allison and Blake Goldfarb's son Jordan made his entrance into the world a week early on Jan. 19
The bowl was picked up by an antiques enthusiast in Connecticut
“I love my neighbors,” Haijun Si said. “I love my community, and I love my country.”
The attack occurred early Wednesday morning at Al-Asad Airbase
The doll of the former first lady is the latest in Barbie's Inspiring Women series
Shanya Robinson-Owens has until May 1 to decide where she wants to spend the next four years
Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison were both adopted from the Dominican Republic, and met working together in Connecticut
The first design was introduced in late January, and within a month, had undergone some tweaks
The iceberg was the result of a "calving" event that scientists had been expecting for about a decade
The plane was reportedly carrying a pilot instructor and his student
Elizabeth Hunterton says finally tracking down her biological mother — and learning she was not the one who left her in the airport — has been "so much more beautiful than anything I could've written"
Diana Trujillo immigrated to the United States from Colombia when she was 17
Alex Morton and Stacie Pawlicki lived on the same apartment floor for months, but only met and grew close because of the pandemic
Judith Carter and Sylvia Cerda Salinas tell PEOPLE about the obstacles they faced to keep their families safe amid power and water outages
The medals are now en route from Arizona to Florida to be reunited with family members who were unaware of their existence
The new trucks will replace the Postal Service's current fleet, which is nearly 30 years old
The woman was outside to shovel her backyard when the awning collapsed and pinned her down
Teon Kennedy and Martine Drouillard were engaged in the NICU where their daughter Morgan has been since August
Rachel LaGrone Mello, of Lott, Texas, tells PEOPLE many communities are in "big trouble"
The campaign is also receiving support from Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Usher and more stars
The children were airlifted to a local hospital and are expected to recover
"I think the power providers were not truthful to us," family attorney Tony Buzbee tells PEOPLE