Queen M

Your heart zone has been unpredictable, but like Adam Levine, it s time to settle down
Rollercoaster emotions finally go direct, so grab a Bloody Mary and enjoy the season
Jupiter's arrival means ch-ch-ch-changes, but a new cycle is a good thing
Listen to your inner voice – unless it tells you to get a Kelly Osbourne-style head tattoo
July 4 won't be the only night you see fireworks this week, stargazer
The new moon has plans – for you, your reputation, and maybe even Gwyneth and Chris
Mercury in retrograde won't kill the party – just don t invite that random Facebook friend
Time to brush up your selfie-taking game and go on a tropical escape
Mercury's in retrograde again. Mind your business, play Tinder wisely and avoid jail selfies
Is Venus doing her sultriest Lana del Rey impression in your sign? Find out
As the sun enters Gemini, your inner Katniss shines – as do your leader of the pack tendencies
A full moon sends your heart aflutter and adventure calls – but so does a backyard cocktail party
Amorous Venus abounds, but too much emotion will muddle the situation. Trust the universe to make it all right
A partial Taurus eclipse may reveal Lindsay Lohan-esque secrets, but change is inevitable
Are you ready to take a risk like Stephen Colbert or should you sit tight and de-stress?
Will the universe fulfill your destiny like Amber Heard, Daenerys Targaryen or Snooki?
Mars in retrograde predicts Game of Thrones-esque motives and no-strings flings
Find out if you two are more like Gwyneth and Chris, Ashton and Mila, or Thin Mints and Samoas
Eat your kale, reach your Jessica Simpson-inspired goal weight and be ready for adventure this week
You could drop the $ like Kesha, or enjoy a sweet income boost. Find out!
With Venus in Aquarius, avoid the Normcore look and channel your inner Lupita Nyong'o
See if the new moon means you're destined for splitsville like Robin Thicke and Paula Patton ... or a whoosh of teamwork mojo instead