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Saturday Night Live Scandals: Leslie Jones's Slavery Skit and 5 More Controversial Moments

The comedian incited an uproar over her racially charged sketch on Saturday – and it was far from the first time the show has courted controversy
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True Tori Review: Tough Love for Tori Spelling

Can the star give us the true story in this new reality show about her marital disaster? PEOPLE's critic weighs in
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Chrisley Knows Best Seems Like Progress, Says PEOPLE's TV Critic

"The show departs from the stereotype of how masculine an American husband ... is supposed to be," writes Tom Gliatto
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True Detective: Flawed Finale to a Classic Series

Viewers had to make do with very little that was tangible, and yet that only added to the suspense
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The Spoils of Babylon Review: Epic Nonsense Starring Tobey Maguire & Kristen Wiig

Babylon is asinine – it's supposed to be – and from sometimes hilarious