Morgan Smith

"Balance, in my life and especially in training, is really important," the Team USA middle-distance runner tells PEOPLE
The actress, producer and advocate opened up about her entrepreneurial journey during Facebook’s Make it with Pride small business event on Wednesday
The Dancing with the Stars judge, who shares two rescue dogs and two rescue cats with his girlfriend Hayley Erbert, is teaming up with Purina ONE to help rescue animals find forever homes this summer
The ban, which lists 113 countries including Kenya, Brazil, Russia, North Korea, and China, is set to begin July 14, and may affect those looking to adopt or buy a dog from overseas
Snorkeling deaths are a "common occurrence" near the tropical islands this time of year, Adam Linhardt, the director of media relations for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, tells PEOPLE
Fire scientists fear California’s intensifying drought could lead to a hotter, more dangerous wildfire season
The small, electric rental boat had drifted too close to the dam and became “highly centered” on the spillway, which was open due to recent rains in Austin, authorities tell PEOPLE
Michael Ward, 70, was seeking shelter from the storm Wednesday afternoon at a New Jersey golf course when lightning struck the tree he was hiding under, killing him, police tell PEOPLE
This summer marks the first time in 17 years that "Brood X," a specific brood of periodical cicadas that have been living underground, will emerge in several states
The police department in Johnston, Rhode Island, believes that the donkey escaped from a small residential farm
“If we want to avoid catastrophic climate change, the highest priority must be to reduce CO2 pollution to zero at the earliest possible date,” Pieter Tans, a senior scientist with NOAA, said
Economists have noted several factors that could be discouraging people from returning to work
Walter the ruffed grouse began pecking around Todd Westward's backyard while his wife and daughters were on vacation — now, they hang out every day
For the past six months, Dr. Todd Wolynn and his co-worker Chad Hermann have been fighting false information about the COVID-19 vaccine online to encourage their followers to get vaccinated
For 36 years, Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert grew up not knowing the other existed — until a chance DNA test brought the identical twins back together
“It was a no-brainer,” John Butler, a paraeducator at Hahnville High School in Boutte, Louisiana, told the Washington Post of loaning his shoes to Daverius Peters minutes before the school’s ceremony
Blood on Black Wall Street: The Legacy of the Tulsa Massacre is streaming now
The California theme park reopened to the public on May 21, a year after shutting its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Working more than 55 hours a week is a health hazard that leads to stroke and heart disease — and the pandemic may accelerate this trend, says the World Health Organization
The Unspoken Curriculum is a six-week program that Henson, who once worked as a substitute teacher, designed to help Black children identify racial bias at school and speak openly about mental health
“The trauma never goes away — you constantly have to work on yourself when it comes to loss and depression,” Morales tells PEOPLE
"I call her my brave warrior sister," Lydia Headrick says of Tanya Conlay
"We needed to create something that is so different, so massive, that people will want to travel here to see it," Christopher Harding, co-owner of the Hodges Bay Resort & Spa in Antigua, tells PEOPLE.
A crew from the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office in Alpena, Michigan, made the unexpected catch on April 22 while they were surveying the river's sturgeon fish population, the agency tells PEOPLE