Michelle Boudin

Angel the cat and Halo the guinea pig are a heavenly, bonded pair that love to cuddle together and are at a Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control shelter looking for a forever home
Miracle the goat was born with her heart in her neck — a rare condition called Ectopia Cordis — but isn't letting the diagnosis stop her from enjoying life
Mike Plumides of Charlotte, North Carolina, recently saved seven ducklings from a storm drain after spotting the baby birds' distressed mother while driving.
Buffy, a Labrador retriever, is trained to detect the smell the human body gives off when it is fighting COVID-19, and the dog has brought her skills to the Doctors Hospital of Sarasota in Florida
Boone the raccoon was born with cerebral hypoplasia, which made it hard for him to walk until a group of engineering students at Kentucky's Central Hardin High made a wheelchair for the animal
Sisu, the former stray dog, who stole the world's collective heart over his devotion to a unicorn toy, is now at Lab Rescue LRCP, receiving training before he heads to his forever home
The animal control officer who moved Sisu from the Dollar General store to the shelter bought the stray dog his unicorn toy before bringing the canine in.
The groom wore rain boots and the bride carried a stick
"It's a surprise every night," says one of Amy Brantley's students
After a nightmare travel day, Mike Good was treated to a remarkable act of kindness from strangers
Owners James and Haydee Charles tell PEOPLE they too experienced homelessness: "If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone"
"I was sitting in bed realizing my daughter has incurable cancer, and I felt helpless," says mom Janet Ramirez, who found unexpected inspiration in OneRepublic's song "I Lived"
Kaena Kekoa, who plays Jasmine, says she had "the biggest crush" on Jonah Hoʻokano, who plays Aladdin, when they were kids
Murray helps keep dangerous diseases and invasive pests out of the U.S. by sniffing out smuggled produce and meat at an Atlanta airport
Losing his 'first adult job' 6 months out of grad school inspired Ryan Mitchell to build a new life—in 150 square feet
"We don't have the fortitude legislatively to do anything about guns in this country and we don't have the fortitude spiritually to address America's Achilles heel, and that is racism," says Malcolm Graham
Savannah Campbell posted a plea to Facebook asking for help identifying a cute guy with a puppy; the Internet found him in a day
Sophia Weaver spent her last weeks doing things she always wanted to do — like going to an aquarium and an art museum
The student's principal says of the "life-changing" experience, "I know he'll never forget that"
Gavin Scott Hapgood, a 44-year-old UBS financial advisor, is charged with manslaughter
"How many times do you see a pig on a leash? That's an instant ice breaker," says veteran officer Chad Webster with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
"I was hysterically crying and I couldn't understand my emotions," Maureen O'Boyle tells PEOPLE
David Kellam and CJ Bellamy have been friends since middle school — now they're helping each other through life with paralysis
"One lady offered to shelter us both!" Jason Gasparik said
"Our brother told us Bobby's mother, Myong took him back to Korea to raise him and we believed him," the suspect's family said in a statement