Michael Cohen

"Our wives are more popular than we are," the President says about himself and Jay-Z
The singer gets inked with an image of Egyptian goddess Isis
"I've always wanted to do hosting," she's said, "so it's definitely something that I would love to do"
He thinks it's something everyone wants, though he can't put a timetable on his own life
The young royals are ready to cheer on the London 2012 Paralympic Games
The singer will be the talk show host's first guest when Katie premieres on Sept. 10
The multiple-nominee will join Taylor Swift, One Direction and more at the Sept. 6 show
He's on LSD in a new mobster movie, and will bare all in The Nymphomaniac
"I'm very attracted to Southerners," the TV host says (another hint: he's a writer)
The reality star calls her transformation into the music diva "fun" and "crazy"
An initial autopsy was performed, but more findings are required to determine why he leapt to his death
The nimble stage, screen and TV actor is being saluted for his career and humanitarianism
Back with mom, Suri was singing, smiling and skipping
"I very much wanted her commemorated," says the seven-time father