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But you should love it: It's got immune benefits and is good for your kids
Over the course of this year’s World Cup tournament, the little ginger cat with the white spot has predicted six winners in the soccer competition
John Oliver turned his attention on Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday night’s Last Week Tonight. Or more specifically, he turned his attention to Mike Pence’s pet rabbit
Jimmy Kimmel’s team hit the streets of Los Angeles, they found an alarming number of people who wanted to impeach Clinton — even though she is not president
It looks like there are plans to turn every cook in the kitchen into a Disney princess.
North Korea is the bigly story of the day, if not the year,” said Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! “But what I wonder is, how many Americans even know where North Korea is?”
In just two little tweets, totaling less than 280 characters, Rowling managed to target both Fox News and Trump
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