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"I met her last year, but we didn't start dating for a little while," Bradley Whitford tells PEOPLE
The E! News anchor also admits to "practicing a lot" to have kids
Lamorne Morris tells PEOPLE of the divorcing actress: "You wouldn't know there was anything [going on]" off set
Brandi Glanville says Monty Brinson now has an inoperable tumor in his brain
Halle Berry opened up during a speech for the Jenesse center, a national domestic violence prevention and intervention organization
"I thought she got a bad rap," Brandi Glanville tells PEOPLE
"I hate waking up without a goal or going to sleep without achieving nothing"
"You guys are my best friends," said Liam Hemsworth to his co-stars
"I want him to know we're here for him," NBA star Blake Griffin tells PEOPLE
"I mean that in a complimentary sense because of the sheer amount of experiences that he has had," Jonathan Tucker tells PEOPLE
The Kingdom star tells PEOPLE: "The key to me is finding someone who has a great personality and brings something to the table"
"We danced and danced until 5:30 in the morning," Consuelos told PEOPLE
"It's just a day at the office," Matt Bomer said of filming onscreen sex scenes
"She's awesome," the American Horror Story: Hotel producer said of the actress
"I felt amazing," Niecy Nash told PEOPLE at the Scream Queens premiere
Scream Queens airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox
The 2 Broke Girls star's pals are revoking her license to set up
"I am so thrilled that she has someone who is not intimidated by ... her power, her beauty, her friendship and her drive," says the Devious Maids star
"It was very emotional for her," Warren says of Lady Gaga's powerful recording session
Jeffrey Tambor, the Transparent Emmy nominee calls Jenner "a great beacon to look up to"
"I'm just excited to spend my life with the man of my dreams," Hearst told PEOPLE
"It is my mission in life to make women of color a part of the narrative in our business," she said Saturday while being honored by the National Women's History Museum