Matt McNulty

“There are no obligatory codes of behavior when meeting The Queen or a member of the Royal Family”
In early August, health officials announced that 14 teenagers had been hospitalized; the number is now up to 22
The two Rich Kids of Beverly Hills stars have called it quits after three years of marriage
The newlyweds were spotted with a new golden retriever puppy in Miami after the recent tragic death of their dog Waldo
At least 18 people have been killed and 23 people were injured, according to multiple reports
The military veteran, who lost his leg after an IED exploded, adopted a dog who had lost its leg
The victim was sitting in the back of his pickup truck when the race car flipped over the fence and crashed into him
The Portland State University basketball star was allegedly shot to death by his sister on Friday
The 48-year-old registered nurse drowned after attempting to help another paddleboarder who was struggling against the current
The goats were in the area to clear vegetation when they got loose and made their way through town
Kai was 173 lbs. when his foster mother took him in one year ago
Mother of two Olivia Wilde was at a restaurant with her young children when her 5-year-old son started having a massive meltdown
Jessica Simpson has been busy with motherhood following the birth of her third child in March, as she finishes her memoir
The two people were taken to the hospital in stable condition after the dramatic rescue
Five people were hospitalized due to the water park incident, which caused fractured ribs and other injuries
The equation can be solved by two different mathematic methods, both of which produce different yet correct answers
The puppy is named Salvador Dolly after the famously mustachioed Spanish painter, will soon be up for adoption in N.Y.C.
Lee's former protégé and training partner said the martial arts icon was nothing like the arrogant actor depicted in Tarantino's new film
The upcoming seasonal treat features red, orange and brown leaf-shaped sprinkles — and hits shelves soon
The actress has recently shared a series of photos featuring her legs in the bath — capturing her daily struggles with MS
A study shows that living near a body of water has a number of therapeutic benefits, ranging from increased happiness to creativity
The 21-year-old model and social media star appeared in the Miami rapper's music video amidst ongoing drama with the Kardashian family
The superstar surprised young students during choir rehearsal before they performed in front of 50,000 people at the country music festival
The agency injected animals and insects with lunar material, as well as grew plants in lunar soil to test for contamination after the Apollo 11 mission
The Younger actress posted an adorable Instagram picture of Luca, 7, and Banks Violet, 9 months, showing off their blue eyes