Mary Sheely

My Pillow Pet Bed tucks your cat or dog in snuggly.
Gummi Pet Products' collars and leashes adorned with spikes are a hip accessory for your cat or dog.
Collars in bloom make the perfect summer accessory for your pooch
The line of industrial-looking collars and leashes supports the nonprofit Louis Animal Foundation
Stretchy collars, safer dogs? Tazlab has the goods
The new book is a collection of 40 years of the cartoonist's New Yorker sketches
Pepper & Tanky dog perfume sweetens up the scents of smelly dogs
J Mikel's FUR collection keeps pups clean.
The Jack-N-Beanstalk entertainment and comfort center will take any feline to new heights.
Start your own pet campaign with Obey the Purebreed! posters, notebooks and shirts.
Let your good pup try on this super-bad pullover for size.
But what if it came with a brass plate and stepladder? See it for yourself!
Happy Hot Dog pillow from Naked Décor will dress up your couch in pairs.
Machine-washable mat traps dirt and moisture and is available in three sizes.
The BUB Coat can be custom sized to fit your dog's length and girth, so there's no gapping or extra fabric.
Kurgo's Backseat Barrier keeps the front seat of your car dog-free.
ANTLERZ are affordable and natural dog treats that your dog will go nuts for.
Hand-stitched pillows perfectly tread the line between cute and stylish.
The ubiquitous plastic shoe offers a cozy spot for pooches.
Kong's World's Best Dr. Noys' dog toys are plenty plump for chewing and have minimal stuffing.
Animal pillows from k studio make a statement of simplicity.
Just two years ago, it had never occurred to me that there are motels that take dogs. Now I won't leave home without my pooch!
Give your cat some digs that you can be proud of.
Litter Pillows are cute without being cutesy
A memory foam mattress could be just the thing for your tired pooch's bones.