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We Tried Pepsi's New Flavored Sparkling Waters — Find Out Which Flavors Bubbled to the Top

The cola company has a fun new seltzer line called Bubly, which features flirty cans and fruity flavors like cherry, mango, apple and grapefruit
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We Tried Diet Coke's New Flavors — Find Out Which Ones Fizzled

The soda now comes in sleek cans and unique varieties including Feisty Cherry, Twisted Mango, Ginger Lime and Blood Orange
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We Tried All 12 New Peeps Flavors — See the Chicks We Love (and the Ones We Don't)

Available in lemon, chocolate mousse, coconut and more, they look as if the iconic marshmallow chick just sat in chocolate or fudge

We Tried N.Y.C.'s New Cookie Dough Shop — and We're Gushing Like Adele at the Grammys

I ordered two scoops: Salty & Sweet and Fluffernutter — both were incredible with distinctive flavors that really stand out