Lisa Lillien

This fruit-infused recipe is packed with flavor and full of protein, and the foil-pack cooking technique means cleanup is a breeze.  
This recipe combines the smoky flavor of bacon, the sweet goodness of mango and the fresh flavor of shrimp for some show-stopping kebabs.
This twist on potato salad features roasted potatoes and a creamy BBQ sauce.
If you have a hard time choosing between a strawberry daiquiri and a classic mojito, consider this your new favorite drink!
This 30-minute, protein-packed meal is an absolute must-make.
This decadent peach pie filling clocks in at around 100 calories per serving.
Made with baked fries, turkey pepperoni and part-skim cheese, these loaded fries come in at less than 275 calories.
Enjoy this crunchy, breaded chicken as a center-plate entrée or slice and serve over a salad!
This carrot and pineapple smoothie is packed with fruit, veggies and protein, so it's super satisfying and so delicious.
Classic crab cakes are transformed using calorie-saving ingredients, and the results are restaurant-worthy.
These health-conscious meatballs are fully loaded with a hearty red sauce, a double dose of cheese and a fresh tomato-basil topping
This light and dreamy cheesecake packs some serious protein thanks to Greek yogurt and egg whites
This nutrient-packed mac is made with light cheese and bulked up with cauliflower and extra-lean ground beef.
The secret ingredient? Vanilla protein powder for extra creaminess.
This doctored-up boxed cake mix makes for a moist, low-cal treat in no time.
The perfect addition to your next summer cookout.
You can feel good about these spaghetti squash noodles topped with a lean and beefy Bolognese.
Eat the whole bowl for under 150 calories.  
This party-ready side dish is only 130 calories per serving.
This Greek-inspired egg scramble can be made in a mug in the microwave.
This cinnamon apples 'n' oats breakfast gives off major apple pie vibes.
A cookie-studded cheesecake that won’t break the calorie bank.
The secret ingredient? Roasted red peppers.
And it's only 123 calories for a fully-loaded slice.
So flavorful, you won't believe it's as healthy as it is!