Kyler Alvord

Associate Crime Editor, PEOPLE

Elizabeth M. Durkee, 36, alleges that her ailing grandmother asked her for help to die
“The more I learned about Gary Ridgway, the more the coincidences stacked up,” writes Jill McCabe Johnson in an essay on Slate
Nearly 30 kilograms of cocaine washed up on a Cape Canaveral Space Force Station beach, officials say
Emma Coronel Aispuro, the former beauty queen wife of "El Chapo," accepted a plea bargain Thursday in response to three federal charges
North Carolina appeals court judge John M. Tyson, 67, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly driving his car at a group of Black Lives Matter protesters
Known to the public as “Christy Crystal Creek,” the previously unidentified woman may be the victim of a Montana serial killer