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PetSmart's new Brain Games training program uses games to teach your dog about the power of choice and how to communicate their personal preferences
Inspired by his Maine Coon cat Nacho, Flay worked with pet nutritionists and veterinarians to create the cat food line Made by Nacho
Marnee Carpenter, who plays Catherine Martin in Clarice, adores working with the dog who plays Precious on the show, a Bichon Frise named Kendall
The Eternals actress appears in PEOPLE's 2021 Beautiful Issue alongside her "super cool" rescue owl Kering.
After a man attacked him with a machete in 2012, Wacku spent five years fighting for neglected and abused animals in the Philippines before moving to his new home in the U.S.
A Connecticut bear recently brought traffic to a halt as she tried to get all four of her cubs across a road safely.
A volunteer with Heart of Texas Lost and Found Pets drove Bernie the cat to Ohio, where his family now lives, for a reunion with his owner Margaret Burcham
In November, Cher worked with FOUR PAWS to transport Kaavan the elephant from a Pakistani zoo to a sanctuary in Cambodia
The new ABC show, which premieres on March 30, is hosted by Rebel Wilson and includes Lisa Vanderpump as a celebrity judge
Asiatic black bears Xuan and Mo spent years in the basement of a clothing shop with no access to sunshine or fresh air