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PrettyLittleThing has released hoodies for humans and dogs in three different colors
After her rescue, Awala reunited with three other giraffes saved from the same island
The elusive okapi calf named Nia Nia, born at the Chester Zoo in December, recently started exploring her outdoor enclosure
2021 Golden Globes viewers could see King's senior dog Cornbread snoozing in the background of the actress's pre-show interviews.
Laksmi and her joey Ra are back in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, following the country's devastating 2019-2020 bushfire season.
After being discovered abandoned and emaciated, Ethan, the rescue dog, has worked hard over the past month to regain his strength, going from 32 pounds to 80 pounds.
Eloise the grey seal pup is at the Baltimore aquarium building strength, swimming in her personal and learning to eat fish.
BARK's Bernie's Paw Warmers are now available for purchase, with all proceeds going to Vermont's PAWSitive Pantry
Marble the dog went missing during a fire at a Michigan apartment complex, but was found safe two weeks later at the site of the blaze
First-time mom Reese the orangutan and her newborn are said to be doing well following the baby's birth at the Audubon Zoo.
"My students love it," Nellie Williams of Fairfax, Virginia, says of her unique remote learning setup
Teddy the Yorkshire terrier has a great head of fur and a wardrobe filled with 200 fashionable outfits
Nkeke the otter gave birth to her third litter of pups at the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan, on Feb. 3
The minivan carrying the dogs was intercepted leaving Siem Reap, which became the first Cambodian province to ban the sale and consumption of dog meat in July 2020
Pierogi the puppy jumped a fence to get on live tv during a FOX 5 weather report in Virginia
Every month Barkbus employees visit the dogs of Los Angeles rescue Foxy and the Hounds to give the pups free haircuts, blowout and more.
Kylie Jenner posted two photos of her new adorable puppy named Kevin to Instagram on Feb. 22
After getting injured and losing the ability to walk, Teddy the skunk is moving again with help from the Gunnar's Wheels Foundation and Walkin' Pets
Photographer Yves Adams believes the rare king penguin he saw on an island in South Georgia is leucistic
Shelter puppies Reesie and Coco have heart conditions that would be fatal if left untreated
China Rescue Dogs is flying 145 newly rescued dogs to New York at the beginning of March, and is hoping to raise the funds needed to save 60 additional canines.
Blizzard, a 25-year-old polar bear living at Washington's Point Defiance Zoo, loves a good snow day
I and love and you's Thank Your Fur Being a Friend campaign is getting a boost from Tim Tebow and his wife Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
"I've been thinking about this pretty much since the day I left her," Sgt. Angela Cardone said of the reunion with her former canine partner.