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In December, Jennifer Faith looked plaintively at photographs of her deceased husband as she told a local TV station how she hoped his killer would soon be caught
Police say Conzuelo "Nicole" Solorio-Romero, 25, was taken from her home in early February and brought to an apartment, where two men questioned her about cooperating with authorities
Eric Maes died in the hospital on Friday after attempting suicide on Feb. 13
Mother of five Khasheme Strother, 35, and her son, Raymon Hill, 20, are dead after an altercation with her boyfriend, police say
The body of Ariel Starcher, a mother of two from Independence, was found in a ditch in rural Missouri on Feb. 18, 2020
Thomas Elmore, Jr. told authorities that his girlfriend, Tamara Naish, 48, had committed suicide -- but he had actually taken her life
In 2013, Virginia high school senior Alexis Murphy got into her dad's Nissan and drove to go shopping -- and was never seen again
Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero, 25, was forcibly taken from her home and later was shot and killed, say police
Gia Buccieri Martin was “a feisty, fierce Italian with an amazing smile, a big heart, a contagious laugh," a loved one wrote on GoFundMe
Ariel Reed, 30, of Sebring, faces 10 counts of sexual battery for allegedly sexually abusing a 15--year-old boy
A 20-year-old ex-boyfriend of Danielle Hopton, 18, of Fort Collins, and another man have been arrested and charged in connection with her beating death, say police
Parents to two daughters, Troy and Dulsie Varney's "lives were their children," says a relative
 The ABC News senior national affairs correspondent and the co-host of NBC's Today open up about their 25-year marriage in PEOPLE’s first-ever Love Issue
RayRay Darn and Marilyn Northington went to the ER with their 5-week-old son, who was allegedly covered in bruises and burn marks
The ABC News senior correspondent dishes on what a loving hubby the Today co-host is in PEOPLE’s first-ever Love Issue
Today co-host Roker and his wife, ABC News correspondent Roberts, talk about keeping each other strong in PEOPLE's first ever Love Issue
Leslie Jordan Kuykendall is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly dropping her son into icy water
Shadina Smith, 29, of Harlem, leaves behind a 1-and-a-half-year-old son
For years, detectives in Waterbury, Conn., searched for whoever killed Jessica Keyworth and left her body in an abandoned house
The far-right conspiracy theorist and web show host told millions that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was "a giant hoax"
Jessica Dapolito, 42, was shot and killed by her longtime partner, Robert Dapolito, who later turned the gun on himself
The pop superstar's rousing rendition of the national anthem at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris' Inauguration Jan. 20 may be "the most important" one of our time, says Parsons
Sydney West’s family is offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information leading to her whereabouts
Premiering Sunday night, the four-part series tells the story of trans woman Liz Carmichael, who upended the car industry in the 1970s
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's appeared to endorse baseless conspiracy theories about school shootings in 2018, before she got elected to Congress