Karina Smirnoff

"I'm grateful he giggles instead of cries when he looks at me, but still!" Smirnoff writes in her exclusive DWTS blog
"Even if I don't wear heels, I am still about 4 or 5 in. taller than Vic," Smirnoff explains in her exclusive DWTS blog
"I'm going to miss the choreography, the costumes, all of it," says Smirnoff, who was eliminated last week
"Our scores went down last week. We don't want that to happen again," Sminoff says
"I want to show the naughty side of Randy Couture!" says the pro dancer
"I've been a fan of my partner, Randy Couture for years," says the pro dancer
"Everything goes boom-boom-boom and then it's done," Smirnoff tells PEOPLE
"We're dancing the Argentine tango to one of her songs," the pro writes in her blog
"[Our dance] is going to show that Corbin's 'hips don't lie,' " Smirnoff tells PEOPLE
"We finish each other's sentences," Smirnoff tells PEOPLE. "Even our stomachs growl in sync"
"The body is starting to wear," says the pro, who has been battling a fever
"The body is done," Smirnoff tells PEOPLE after grueling practices for the quickstep
"I think with adrenaline, we didn't position ourselves the best way," Smirnoff tells PEOPLE of her contemporary dance
The couple had a fall while rehearsing a "pretty big" lift for Monday's premiere
"Gavin is definitely going to be wearing a little less clothing," the pro says of her plan for Latin Week
"If we pull of [the jive], we'll make everyone smile a lot," Smirnoff says in this week's blog
"If he does as well live as he does in the studio, it will be great," the pro says of her partner