Kaitlyn Bristowe

"I wasn't taking the weight of that decision lightly," Bristowe writes of naming her final two suitors
"I take some ownership with all of this," Bristowe writes of putting herself in a position to have awkward sit-downs with several suitors this week
The Bachelorette also admits about a sob-filled breakup: "I questioned why I was doing that and what was wrong with me, but my heart told me that was the right thing to do"
"I challenge anyone to go through this on national television and not make a mistake," writes the Bachelorette of a controversial decision
On the other hand, Kaitlyn writes of a tense evening in San Antonio: "Part of me thought about not even handing out a rose that night"
"I just wish Clint could have treated me like he treated JJ," she says of the suitor who lost a lot of ground this week
Kaitlyn sounds off on a boxing date that "terrified" her and the guy who "stole my heart" by getting serious after a comedy date
Kaitlyn names some of her favorite suitors, including the one who "had me at group hug"
Kaitlyn blasts ousted (and drunk) contestant Ryan McDill: "I'm surprised I didn't smack that guy in the face and walk him out myself. Who does that guy think he is?"