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With their separation news out, here's a look back at the couple's personal and legal ups and downs
The Israeli actress brings the iconic Amazon warrior to life for Wonder Woman's big-screen debut
The Vice President talked about his son and said he's still deciding whether to run for president
The singer announced the news during her show on Wednesday night
You know you've been waiting for this!
"It's good to be back," she tweeted on Wednesday
The pair entertained the crowd at the tennis tournament on Wednesday
"I'm all proud and stuff," the Grammy winner wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday
The British Airways plane caught fire on Tuesday afternoon at McCarran International Airport
Lopez posted a couple of funny Dubsmash videos on Instagram on Tuesday
The reality star posted the pic on Instagram on Monday
The singer, who dated Selena Gomez on and off for years, made the confession in an interview on Monday
The boy and his dog fell about 23 feet down the well and were rescued on Monday night
The pair, who have been dating for a year, celebrated their anniversary on Saturday
The Rock posted about his heroic rescue on Instagram on Monday
The star shared some videos from the musical Hamilton on Friday night
The New England Patriots quarterback's suspension was overturned earlier this week
"We would all like to thank you for your prayers and support," he wrote on Friday
The reality star shared a photo of anti-bullying activist Lizzie Velasquez on Instagram on Friday
The rapper sent the Grammy winner a huge floral arrangement on Friday
Stone, a U.S. airman, was one of three Americans who took down a gunman on a crowded Paris-bound train last month
The pair played Drinko and were forced to knock back drinks that were not meant to be mixed together
Michael Douglas caused controversy in 2013 for making a similar claim about his cancer