Joseph Hincks

Social media was alight Tuesday with videos that appeared to show a fireball blazing through the night sky above highways of southeast Michigan
The false ballistic missile alert that sent Hawaii residents scrambling for cover Saturday underscores the urgent need for President Donald Trump to negotiate directly with North Korea, Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has said
Vatican police have arrested a topless Femen protester who attempted to steal a statue of baby Jesus from a Vatican Nativity scene on Christmas Day
The declaration is the outdoor apparel company's opening salvo in a PR and legal battle against President Trump's shrinking of two Utah national monuments
A lobster has been found off Canada's New Brunswick with what appears to be a Pepsi logo imprinted on its claw.
Dunsworth's daughter Sarah confirmed his passing on Twitter Monday
A woman is warning others after an eyeball tattoo left her partially blind
Smoking has been prohibited on domestic flights since 1990
Boomerangs are an important symbol of Australia's Aboriginal heritage
United is still reeling after the violent removal of a passenger in April
Pilots have come forward with complaints of rashes, itching and other symptoms  due to their uniforms
He said that he scheduled the trip "last fall"
The British duo became the first Western pop act to perform in the Middle Kingdom