Jimmy Traina

The 2-9 Giants announced Tuesday that Geno Smith would start at quarterback this Sunday instead of Eli Manning
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a briefing on Wednesday that Hill's tweets calling Donald Trump a white supremacist were, "a fireable offense," and "outrageous"
Lamar Odom did not pull any punches in a first-person story he wrote for the Player's Tribune about the struggles he has faced with addiction the past several years
A small helicopter carrying the WWE's Shane McMahon, son of company owner, Vince McMahon, and one other person, had to be rescued on Wednesday after it landed in the Atlantic Ocean
What kind of shark will it be? How close will Phelps be to the shark? Will the shark be in a Speedo? So many questions
#DadLife for Eric Decker involves toting a baby and a preschooler through the airport like it ain't no thing - and his daughter is having a blast
The First Take host also called for the people of New York to protest Madison Square Garden until Knicks owner James Dolan fires Jackson