Jenna Johnson

"He really left his mark and entire heart on the dance floor, and I think America saw that," Jenna Johnson writes
"I don’t think that they deserved to go whatsoever," Jenna Johnson writes
"There’s only so many critiques one can take before they get a little disappointed and discouraged, so hopefully next week we really get that validation," Jenna Johnson writes
"In that moment, all I can think of was, 'No, Peta’s in the bottom and so are we!'" Jenna Johnson writes
"Nerves get the best of people," Jenna Johnson said about dancing in a "celebrity-packed" ballroom
Jenna Johnson reveals partner Karamo Brown was "throwing up all day" ahead of the Dancing with the Stars live show
Jenna Johnson and Karamo Brown danced the salsa on the premiere of Dancing with the Stars