Jason Duaine Hahn

Human Interest and Sports Reporter, PEOPLE

A strange phenomenon caused a ship to appear as if it were floating in the air off of England
Ana Orozco is "glad" her husband Charles Torres succeeded in making the video "because I can show the kids in the future how much their daddy loved them"
The Washington Football Team, which went through a rebrand last year, is making a major change to its cheerleading squad after hiring a new senior advisor
"People don't know what type of trauma that is, and what that is to have somebody that close to you laid out and you stand over him," Damian Lillard told The Athletic
Evanston, Illinois, is set to become the first U.S. city to compensate Black Americans for loss of generational wealth due to slavery
The former Cleveland Browns quarterback said he'll give himself a large window to break into the sport
The company, dubbed TOGETHXR, was formed to help amplify women's voices in the world of sports
The ages of the injured range from 16 to 55, while those who died range in age 20 to 55, according to KABC
Andrew Mitchell drove from New Jersey to Texas to help residents who were in need after Winter Storm Uri hit the state
Baltimore Orioles first baseman Trey Mancini made his return to the field on Sunday after his stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis last year
Seth Jahn's comments came as the council voted to remove a policy that required players to stand for the national anthem
Principal Jason Smith used his haircutting skills to help a young student who was embarrassed to take off his hat in class
The former Boston Celtics player reminisced about the the NBA legends on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Students at Wenatchee High School in Washington held a recent band practice while inside green bubbles to protect against coronavirus infection
The Brooklyn Nets star said a reimagined NBA logo featuring the late Kobe Bryant "gotta Happen, idc what anyone says"
The golf star has been in the spotlight for more than two decades — with plenty of ups and downs along the way
Dae’Shun Jamison has been hospitalized with COVID-19 complications for weeks, and recently had three amputations done
Lesley Pilgrim earned a second trip to the DMV after she mistakenly received a driver's license with a photograph of her wearing a face mask
"I picked up the golf club, like many in the Black community, because of Tiger Woods," Dwyane Wade said during an appearance on TNT Tuesday night
Mallory Weggemann, a gold medal-winning Paralympian, was left paralyzed after receiving an epidural injection to treat back pain in 2008
The golfing legend was injured in a car accident Tuesday morning and underwent surgery on his legs
"Arkansas needs to support young Arkansans - not target a vulnerable group for political gamesmanship and at the expense of all young people," the American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas said of the bill
Lawrence Ferlinghetti died of interstitial lung disease at his home in San Francisco, according to his children
Tiger Woods, 45, was injured in a car accident on Tuesday morning in Southern California
Chris Weiland — now a former member of the cross country and track and field teams at UCLA — was allegedly filmed using the "n-word" to describe a man who had an affair with his girlfriend