Hilary Shenfeld

"It is unconscionable that educators and parents are being asked to plan for end-of-life decisions because our country has no plan for reopening schools and institutions of higher education safely," says NEA president Lily Eskelsen García
"The Pet Show," the podcast Dennis Quaid produces and co-hosts, tackles pet-related news and history
Amy Cooper "voluntarily surrendered" the dog to Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue after the incident sparked outrage
Bleeding heavily, Lisa Urso managed to make it outside to the porch, where her body was later found by friends
Gerbils Tiramisu and Pandoro ignored the tiny signs and immediately started chewing the art upon entering the gallery
Living under California's shelter-in-place order had Stella anxious at first, but now she is adjusting to more time inside with her doting owners
The National Institutes of Health enacted a similar policy for their lab animals in Feb. 2019
Barack Obama also paid tribute to Kobe Bryant during his speech at the NBA All-Star Weekend Newsmaker Brunch
PETA wants Punxsutawney, Penn. to stop "victimizing defenseless rodents" and replace Phil with an animatronic version that can more accurately predict the weather
Stella the dog's owner, a speech-language pathologist, says the canine already knows 29 words and can form phrases
"I beat my goal time by four seconds!" Ethan Taylor, 21, tells PEOPLE
Fiona the Bernese mountain dog comforts grieving loved ones during visitations and funeral services.
Tennessee's Loretto Police Department also said that flushing drugs down the toilet can affect the waterfowl that visits local treatment ponds
"She thought she would live at least until she was 40," says husband Justin Middleton
Anna Gonzales and Justin Middleton decided to marry as soon as possible after learning that Gonzales' health was rapidly declining
The 45-foot high, 3-foot wide tree suddenly came crashing down on Isabelle Meyer and three others while they were returning from a hike this week
Sushi, pizza, doughnuts and more sweets almost too cute to eat.
Wendy Williams was joined by her son Kevin Hunter Jr. when she announced that she was partnering with SNAX-Sational Brands on a backpack initiative
Eubanks was a 17-year-old student at Columbine High when two fellow students entered the school and began shooting people in a reign of terror that left 13 dead
Spencer Cline, 11, says he was trying to recreate the famous scene from A Christmas Story when he licked a freezing pole
Authorities say the neighbor shot the dog named Jax because the pet was chasing his chickens
Authorities say the best thing to do, if you encounter a rattlesnake, is to stand still, not panic and never try to pick the snake up yourself
The company behind the balls says it's looking into the situation but has not heard of any similar reports
High school senior Erin Bailey tells PEOPLE she "wouldn't be too nice" to Vice President Mike Pence
Stan the cat has fully recovered and his donor fur buddy Jay is fitting in with the family just fine