Emily Maynard

The Bachelorette star says she and fiancé Jef Holm are "so excited to start our lives together"
Maynard writes about facing Ryan, Doug and the others, as well as Kalon's non-apology
"I know what 'fantasy' is implying and I'm not totally comfortable with that," Maynard writes
"It was such an honor meeting the people that raised such a gentleman," Maynard writes of Sean Lowe
"If you can't kiss a bunch of cute boys when you're the Bachelorette, then when can you?" she writes
"I'm also sad that I let someone ... shake my confidence," Maynard writes in this week's post
Maynard writes about what really happened with John and Nate, and how she made her choice
"As soon as I heard Dolly Parton's voice I could have died!" the Bachelorette admits
"I never imagined I would be doing the 'ugly cry' on my second date," Maynard writes
Maynard was mostly concerned about a return of Brad or Bentley!