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David and Victoria Beckham Meet the Press

He gets his new soccer jersey, while she jokes about living in the shadow of his looks
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Larry David Says He'd Mine Divorce For Laughs

"If I was going onstage, of course I would talk about it," the Curb Your Enthusiasm star says
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James Blunt Says He 'Sold' His Sister on eBay

The singer's sister Emily recently married the man who "bought" her, he reveals
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Jessica Simpson: I'd Get Plastic Surgery

The singer says she's all natural, but wouldn't rule out some "maintenance" in the future
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Meet Reverend Tori Spelling

The actress gets ordained to perform a same-sex wedding at her bed and breakfast
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Daniel Radcliffe: I'd Never Date an Actress

The Harry Potter star says the girls he meets through work are "delightful" – but "mad"

Ex-Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson Has a Son

"I am a new man," the singer says after welcoming his "perfect" son Mason

DEA Raids Office of Chris Benoit's Doctor

Police call the doctor who prescribed steroids to the wrestler "a person of interest"