Emily Fromm

He gets his new soccer jersey, while she jokes about living in the shadow of his looks
"If I was going onstage, of course I would talk about it," the Curb Your Enthusiasm star says
The singer's sister Emily recently married the man who "bought" her, he reveals
The Facebook pics of Amy Polumbo are racy, but not quite pornographic
The singer says she's all natural, but wouldn't rule out some "maintenance" in the future
The actress gets ordained to perform a same-sex wedding at her bed and breakfast
The Harry Potter star says the girls he meets through work are "delightful" – but "mad"
"I am a new man," the singer says after welcoming his "perfect" son Mason
He was prescribed a 10-month supply every three to four weeks, documents show
The pro volleyball player and the surfing star already have a daughter, Viola, 3
Her attorney says Lisa Nowak was not wearing diapers on her drive to Orlando
The actor calls the story that he was in rehab "just some crap being put out by the network"
Police call the doctor who prescribed steroids to the wrestler "a person of interest"
WWE reveals the wrestler had been in touch with co-workers the weekend of the murders
The singer, who etched her husband's name on her stomach, calls it "chicken scratch"
The Scrubs star writes on his blog that, despite reports to the contrary, he's no jerk
The Purple One serenades Cruz at the first of two intimate Hollywood concerts
The actress says she and Carrey hope to be happily unmarried for a long time
"We had a nice lunch," she says, adding that she "loves" contender Drew Carey
The former teen idols offer some advice to the Lindsays and Britneys of the world
The Ocean's Thirteen villain says he would consider competing on the ABC reality hit
The singer tells fans she'll be back onstage "as soon as is humanly possible"
Hilton has been moved back to the jail where she began serving her sentence
She tells him she loved his new horror movie, while he calls her "a revelation"
The actress says parents today don't teach their kids right from wrong