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Prince William: 'I Hope I'm Not Too Nervous'

On the eve of his wedding, he and his brother make a surprise public appearance
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Royal Wedding: Order of Service Announced

William and Kate express delight in being joined for "one of the happiest days of our lives"
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INSIDE STORY: Ted Koppel's Son Wasn't Making Sense, Says Witness

"I wish the day would come back so I could say, 'Bring him to the hospital,' " Belinda Caban tells PEOPLE
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Prince Harry's Favorite Bond Is Not Daniel Craig!

The outspoken royal makes his surprising declaration at the world premiere of Quantum of Solace
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Cameron Diaz Says She Gets 'Better with Age'

She's "stronger and more confident" than ever before – in her self and relationships
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Sarah Ferguson: I Was Once 220 Lbs.

That other Fergie opens up about her weight struggles in a new interview

Nicole Kidman to Directors: Seduce Me

The actress says she must be lured away from her happy home to star in movies