Elisabeth Röhm

In her latest PEOPLE blog, Elisabeth Röhm opens up about her summer with Easton, 11, and how she went from a slime-making skeptic to willing participant
In her new blog for PEOPLE, Elisabeth Röhm explains the independence-building reasons why she doesn't help her daughter Easton with her homework
"The love between Easton and me has grown that much stronger because of the care we are showing her with our thoughtful transition," Elisabeth Röhm writes
In The Oath star Elisabeth Röhm's newest blog for PEOPLE, she encourages her readers to "keep talking about" their co-parenting realities with their exes
After a three-year hiatus, The Oath star Elisabeth Röhm is back to blog with PEOPLE.com about life at home with her daughter Easton, 10
The actress and daughter Easton "have grown closer through learning, interacting and being entertained by" their iPad