Corbin Bleu

"You go through moments where you feel like you have nothing left to give, and your energy is depleted," Bleu tells PEOPLE
Bleu tells PEOPLE that everyone has to dance to an original song and then its cover song
"There's even a tap section at the end," Bleu says of his three-person jazz routine
Having tasted a 10, this week he wants to focus on his form for the cha-cha
"I'm just super stoked about it," says the star
The former High School Musical star hints at what he's got in store for fans of the hit show
"This week is just going to be raw passion," says Bleu
"She is definitely someone I consult with about a lot," Bleu tells PEOPLE
"It's got the whole jock and nerd vibe," Bleu tells PEOPLE of his jive
The couple had a fall while rehearsing a "pretty big" lift for Monday's premiere