Cathy Free

A former employee of a Tucson, Arizona, restaurant sent owner Carlotta Flores $1,000 and an apology 20 years after allegedly stealing from the restaurant
Smart has a son and daughter, James and Chloe, with husband Matthew Gilmour
"We lost our son, but there are lots of other sons and daughters who need to know that someone is thinking of them," Steven Larsen tells PEOPLE
After carrying Boomer on her shoulders down a mountain for hours, Tia Vargas decided to adopt the lost dog she bonded with
"This was finally our channel to have the family we'd always wanted," Tosha Pratt tells PEOPLE
Averie Mitchell had her right leg amputated when she was a baby, but that hasn't stopped her from becoming an award-winning gymnast
After visiting more than 60 countries in less than three years, the millionaire "Bucket List Family" is finally putting down some roots and buying their first house — an 80-year-old fixer-upper on the Big Island of Hawaii
For years — since first beginning a search for her birth family and learning that she had a half-sister named Dawn Johnson — Hillary Harris wondered if she'd ever find the woman who shared her father
An artist and illustrator who lives alone with a cat named Smoky was inspired to combine two of her biggest passions - cats and food.
Clara Daly, 15, used sign language to help Tim Cook, who is blind and deaf, while onboard a flight from Boston to Los Angeles
Friends and former colleagues were shocked to learn two months ago that Genevieve Via Cava, who died in 2011 at age 89, had quietly amassed a fortune worth several million dollars and had left $1 million of it to New Jersey's Dumont School District
"I don't like it when people tattoo their pets, and Bear is my best friend. I decided that I wanted to have the same scar," the dog's owner wrote on Facebook
Wyatt Bruesch died three times and was brought back to life after being trampled by a bull last month — now, he plans to ride again
Jailed for a week on misdemeanor reckless conduct charges, the Brills could now face up to a year behind bars and a $1,000 fine
Laguna-Salgado's skeletal remains and a few bits of clothing were found on May 18 by a man walking in Utah County's Hobble Creek Canyon
The urgent care physician and avid runner was crushed by a boulder last April
Fiona Presly feels humbled to have had a relationship with the queen bee. 
"I couldn't have gone back to school without their help — they inspired me not to give up," Ieshia Champs tells PEOPLE
Following the birth of her second child nearly two decades ago, doctors learned that Carol Decker had sepsis
Twenty-seven years ago, doctors told Andy Fierlit that it would be easier to admit his wife to a nursing home and get on with his life — instead, he's taken her around the world
Victoria the dog's owner decided to go see a doctor after the canine kept sniffing one part of her face
Sidney Depp runs a nonprofit organization to decorate and donate baby blankets to help infants born with drug addictions
"Sean will live forever in all of the people that he helped," Gail Clegg tells PEOPLE
"They're like family now and I hope to keep taking photos of all their biggest milestones for the rest of their lives," photographer Lora Scantling tells PEOPLE
"She showed me that in this crazy world, there is still compassion," Rubin Swift tells PEOPLE