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Former Waitress Who Stole from Arizona Restaurant Mails $1,000 and an Apology 20 Years Later

A former employee of a Tucson, Arizona, restaurant sent owner Carlotta Flores $1,000 and an apology 20 years after allegedly stealing from the restaurant
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'Bucket List' Family Finally Finds a Place to Call Home After Traveling the World — in Hawaii!

After visiting more than 60 countries in less than three years, the millionaire "Bucket List Family" is finally putting down some roots and buying their first house — an 80-year-old fixer-upper on the Big Island of Hawaii

Wisconsin Woman Finally Tracks Down Her Long-Lost Sister — and She's Living Next Door

For years — since first beginning a search for her birth family and learning that she had a half-sister named Dawn Johnson — Hillary Harris wondered if she'd ever find the woman who shared her father

Idaho Teen Who Died 3 Times After Being Trampled By Bull Plans to Ride Again: It's My 'Passion'

Wyatt Bruesch died three times and was brought back to life after being trampled by a bull last month — now, he plans to ride again