Catherine Donaldson-evans

The actress and musician Martyn Lenoble got engaged on Valentine's Day
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Gerald Imes admits to molesting his then 7-year-old sister repeatedly
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The couple ended things two weeks ago after a 14-month romance
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"I'm definitely interested," the singer says, though she admits she's "not serious with anybody"
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The Ghost Whisperer star and actor-director John Asher are dating
The Hills star and her beau flew to Vegas for the weekend – only to spend the entire weekend apart
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The actress has been out of the public eye since news of her husband's alleged infidelities surfaced
"I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man," the singer says in a Web posting
The teen star says dating her best friend "is amazing" and "a great feeling"
Jenner says it's not easy for the successful couple, but hopes they can work it out
Pals of the pop star and Russell Brand dismiss breakup rumors, though she does have her eye on Elmo
The couple also reveal they're clumsy – and guess who spends more time getting makeup done?
The singer is depicted as a devilish dominatrix in the single's cover art
"Who knew ice chips could taste like steak," she writes on Twitter after a cardiac procedure