Carrie Bell

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The Latin heartthrob talks about his suitors, his daughter and his decision to come back
"The entire show was dumped upside down in the final two weeks of shooting," the host shares
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Michael Garofola tells reporters that despite being heartbroken, Desiree made the right choice by letting him go
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"I never wanted to hurt anybody," says the single dad. "My intentions were in the right place"
"Love isn't always happy because there are ups and downs," Hartsock says of her upcoming season
"No one has guessed even close to what it is or whom it is from," the host says of the letter he hands Sean Lowe
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As the show comes to its finish, he expresses his thoughts on the dates, the women – and being naked
However, "in that moment, I did feel it was a terrible mistake," the reality star admits
"I couldn't sit and wonder why he was keeping Tierra," says Frazier of her TV squeeze
"She's very dramatic," says Frazier, who admits she hasn't talked to LiCausi
The ad exec says she's been told she deserves someone better "more times than I can count"
The Iraqi beauty talks about why she does kiss on TV and why Tierra is a "black sheep"
"I was not concerned about what the public would say," says Herron, who was born with one arm
"It's a game show and you should expect your feelings to get hurt," he explains
The show's mean girl is still in it for the cash – but found a soft spot for Swiderski
"He made some bad moves early on and lost my trust," Swiderski says of his costar