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Julie Loving, 51, gave birth to granddaughter Briar Juliette Lockwood on Nov. 2
After his wife, Melissa, was killed by their neighbor Lincoln Lear in a driving accident, Curtis Nielsen forgave him
Jamil Rivers opens up on how to handle a cancer diagnosis if you're not the patient
"To have Kaiya back — it just feels complete," Amanda Simpson-Rojas tells PEOPLE
Friends and family of Angela Jolley gathered to celebrate her life after she died during a 'medical episode' on Wednesday
Angela and Alexia Jolley were first reported missing on July 23 after they vanished from St. Petersburg, Florida, with their 2 dogs
Dr. Cynthia Kudji Sylvester and Dr. Jasmine Kudji started their next medical journey together on July 1 at The LSU Health System
Having lost their father, Victor Ross, in 2012 to cardiac arrest, the siblings are now orphans facing an uncertain future
“I feel lucky to be alive, to have such a great job — and such a great friend. It’s always a good time to work hard," says security guard Chris Crowley
"I was hurt, disheartened, angry and ultimately became determined to make a difference with my own life for communities," Na'Taki Osborne Jelks tells PEOPLE
The Navy SEAL Foundation is giving the nation's children a mission: build your best stay-at-home forts and post on social media channels using #NSFfortchallenge
"I'm motivated to pay it forward by my passion for space flight advancement," says 41-year-old Christina Koch, one of PEOPLE's Women Changing the World
"He was literally living alone in a hospital because there was no place else for him to go," says Finn Lanning about his soon-to-be son Damien
"I never expected this to be my life, but I’m so happy it is. We’re in it together," says Finn Lanning about his former student Damien
Olivia Wilde reflects on her inspiration for directing HP's Wake Up that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival
"Had I educated myself first it could have been much easier," says Joan Lunden who became a spokesperson for A Place For Mom in 2012
"The only choice was to keep moving forward," says Michelle Lauren Anderson, who found endless strength after the 1996 fire
A horrific house fire left then 2-year-old Michelle Anderson with burns over 90 percent of her body. But her sister Katherine escaped uninjured.
“If he gets a transplant, his cancer will go away quicker,” says Ava Clements
"They talk about the broken heart and how time heals everything. Time is not healing this," says mom Jennifer Little
"I’m horrified that someday she’s going to wake up and look in the mirror — and a 35-year-old woman’s going to look back at her," says father Chris Little
The deaths of Alex and Marcus Lewis' parents led to the truth about the abuse they suffered — and now the brothers are sharing their story in a Netflix documentary
"The fact that I was able to do it while working full-time and caring for my child, it was just unbelievable," Molly Waitz said
"I knew something was very wrong," says mother Janis McCall about the moment her daughter went missing
"What I miss are just all those moments: her smile, her laughter, the sound of her laughter," says Dan Diaz