Billy Perrigo

Angela Merkel will not seek reelection as Germany’s Chancellor in 2021 and will step down as the chair of her party this December
"She was laying on the floor— across the room — blood all over her face and her pjs,” the baby's mother said
Although power has been restored at the world’s busiest airport after 11 hours in the dark, many people’s holiday season travel woes will continue for days
Donald Trump has effectively endorsed the embattled Republican candidate Roy Moore in the Alabama senate race, despite multiple allegations that Moore sexually harassed underage girls, which he denies
The politically incorrect party game Cards Against Humanity has announced its plan to “save America” -- including an effort to block President Donald Trump's proposed border wall
The new value menu is expected to have an early-2018 rollout across the country.
The airline said in a statement that it believes the suit is “frivolous and without merit.”