Ben Higgins

"I knew it wasn't the exact right time and that there could be consequences," season 20's Bachelor reveals of saying the L-word
Season 20's Bachelor reveals of one visit with his potential in-laws: "I walked out of there with real questions about whether or not that family would accept me or even liked me at all"
Higgins also reveals who snuck onto one of his dates this week
Season 20's Bachelor also reveals one mistake he made on the two-on-one date "that I regret to this day"
Higgins also reveals the moment he knew he "had a future" with one front-runner and who was "the hardest breakup I had ever had to go through"
Higgins also reveals he "had no idea Olivia was so mortified" by her memorable Las Vegas cake performance
Higgins defends the controversial contestant after her abrupt exit in week 3