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Kali Bookey was charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide after attacking her older brother's girlfriend this week
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Sixteen people died Saturday when a hot air balloon reportedly caught on fire and crashed near Lockhart, Texas
If Trump wins the presidency, 'this country will have a constitutional crisis like never before,' Khan warned in an interview with MSNBC
The Armstrongs' teenage son was taken into custody shortly after his mother was found dead and his father was taken to the hospital in critical condition
The former Secretary of State was officially named the Democratic party's nominee for president at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday
Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton has been her mother's biggest cheerleader throughout the presidential hopeful's campaign
The pop star has been an outspoken supporter of the presidential candidate throughout Clinton's campaign
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"He did not even complain at all," a Polish archbishop reportedly said of Pope Francis after the tumble
A recent GQ profile and an unauthorized biography both claim that Melania Trump dropped out of college after just one year
According to the New York Post, Linsday Lohan's rep said that the actress would like Egor Tarabasov to seek therapy
"Bernie has ignited this spark and we're not letting that go," the outspoken actress said of her preferred candidate
Donald Trump said he thought it was "terrific" of staff writer Meredith McIver to take responsibility for the alleged plagiarizing
"It is the wildest rumor in the world," Idris Elba said of the popular hope that he will be the next 007
The Republican vice presidential nominee took the stage after Ted Cruz's own remarks were met with major boos from the audience
Director Hal Needham was Reynolds' best friend, roommate and stunt double during the making of the classic film