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Mary Daniel now wants to help other people visit family members in care facilities: "There has to be a plan in place that will allow people to get back to their loved ones”
Caroline Schrank has been helping New York families give their loved ones proper goodbyes
"There are people who think I'm a hero, and there are people who think I'm a villain," she told PEOPLE in 2003. "And I'm neither"
Robert Charland and his stepsons fill the bags with things like hand sanitizer and masks to distribute to homeless people and others at risk
“I just had a weird feeling about it,” Cody Byrd, 24, tells PEOPLE. “And I saw something potentially dangerous"
Anyone — veteran or not — can fill out a form for a free cane from Jamie Willis' project, Canes for Veterans Central Texas
The country star said she went to the ER with a migraine, but doctors confirmed a stroke
The couple kept repeating how much "they love each other," says photographer Mandy Parks, whose goal was to capture Charlie Johnson's “warrior” strength
"A lot of people were applauding for me when I talked about my gayness," Chely Wright told PEOPLE
"There are kids who go into foster care every day and they have the clothes on their back and that is it," LeeAnn Petersen tells PEOPLE
Bob Charland, who has an incurable brain disease, has donated more than 300 bikes to deserving children
Travel-blogging couple Elien Wijns and Liam Dorney say the sun, moon and stars aligned for their love story
When Lesia Cartelli was 9 years old, she was severely burned in a gas explosion at her grandparents' home in East Detroit
"We have a mission that is universally easy to understand," says founder Megan Yunn. "We all have birthdays.. It's not about lavishness, it's just about the notion that there are genuinely good people out there and we want to be able to support these families."
"For a little bit of time, Phoebe wasn't worried when she had to go get labs next or take medicine," Cole Dooley says of his daughter, who has a brain tumor and got a home princess visit. "She got to be a little kid."
"These families we serve, for many, if they miss their job, they lose their job," Richard Nares says. "We've seen how some had to either give up food or be late on utility bills or rent because they would have to give their neighbors gas money just for a ride to the hospital. We wanted to help them."
"Oscar was happiest when he was playing," mom Sharon Litwak says of her late son. "We know how important play is, especially for sick kids."  
Started by a civilian contractor in Afghanistan, Dogs2DogTags works to support the people who have fought for our freedom.
When there are people who care and when a community starts to care, then a community starts to change," Chris Bentley tells PEOPLE
When there are people who care and when a community starts to care, then a community starts to change," Chris Bentley tells PEOPLE
"For however long you are single, feel good about being wherever you are. It's all about being confident, joyful and happy," Ruta Fox tells PEOPLE
Erika Clark, a 17-year-old football kicker, is likely the first girl to make a Florida All-State team
Feek says his wife's cancer is aggressive, spreading and not responding to chemo and radiation
Courtney Holmes says Dubuque is rallying around efforts to encourage youth through stronger reading skills, a predictor of success in later life