Andi Dorfman

Thoughts and thank yous from an incredible season that wrapped up perfectly after she accepted Josh Murray's proposal during Monday's finale
The former assistant district attorney discusses the Men Tell All episode
The current Bachelorette discusses her chemistry (or lack thereof) with the final three contestants
The latest Bachelorette narrowed down her suitors to three after meeting their families – and recounts learning of contestant Eric Hill's tragic death
The attorney admits that one man's ploy completely caught her off guard – and won her over
The attorney has a great date with Josh, gets fed up with Nick, plays with her food and skips the cocktail party altogether
Dorfman also writes about how hard it was to watch her say goodbye to Eric Hill, who died after leaving the show
Dorfman writes in about her week of dates, roses and "one of my favorite things I have ever done in my life"
The Bachelorette reflects on the group date, solo dates and the painful loss of Eric Hill
The new Bachelorette writes all about meeting the men and explains her first impression rose