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Washington D.C. Pet Rescue Pulling Dogs from Kill Shelters to Meet Demand for Foster Pets

"We are finding there truly is a silver lining," Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation co-founder Pam McAlwee says of COVID-19's effect on shelter pets
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How the Opioid Crisis Is Changing the American Family — with Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

More than 258,000 children are in today’s foster care system due to alcohol or drug use by parents and of those, 1 in 3 children are living with relatives, often grandparents
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Woman, 21, Who Gouged Out Eyes While on Drugs Speaks Out Nearly a Year Later: 'I Can’t Give Up'

"Accept it, analyze i, and let yourself feel what you feel," Kaylee Muthart tells PEOPLE almost a year after the incident that resulted in her blindness
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My Baby Was Born Addicted to Drugs: Innovative West Virginia Clinic Nurses Newborns Through Opioid Withdrawal

“It is still hard for me not to feel guilt, even though Kyrie is doing so great, but we’re putting that behind us and moving forward," Rachael Kinder tells PEOPLE