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'I Try Like Hell to Hide the Bald Spot.' President Trump Admires Himself on TV at CPAC

President Donald Trump indulged in a bit of self-admiration — and deprecation — as he took the podium to roars of approval at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday
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What Are Bump Stocks? President Trump Is Seeking To Ban Them

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he signed a memorandum directing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to propose regulations that would ban some gun accessories, including so-called “bump stocks,” which dramatically increase semi-automatic weapons’ potential rate of fire
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Barack Obama Calls for ‘Long Overdue’ Gun Control After Florida School Shooting

Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter Thursday, not only to offer his sympathy for the victims of Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida, but to call for stronger gun control measures
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Trump Tells Congress to Release the GOP's Controversial Nunes Memo. Here's What You Need to Know

President Donald Trump has told Congress to release the controversial “Nunes memo” paving the way for the classified document to become public later on Friday
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President Trump Said His State of the Union Was the Most Watched in History. It Wasn't

President Donald Trump touted the ratings from his State of the Union Thursday morning, tweeting that the numbers were record-breaking. But they actually weren’t

Oprah Mentioned Recy Taylor at Golden Globes, Lawmakers Then Honored Her at State of the Union

Members of Congress, including female representatives and members of the Congressional Black Caucus, honored Recy Taylor's memory by sporting red pins

The Number of Women in the Senate Just Hit an All-Time High of 22

When Tina Smith takes the oath of office Wednesday to become Minnesota’s newest senator, she will become the 22nd woman to serve in the current U.S. Senate — a record-breaking milestone