Abigail Abrams

Scot Peterson, a school resource officer from the Broward County Sheriff’s office, waited outside the school building without ever going inside
A Jan. 13 emergency alert went to millions of mobile phones sent waves of panic across the state
Jennifer Nichols, 34, and Joshua Sanders, 32, were arrested Nov. 30  
While some Republicans at the national level spoke out against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on Thursday in the wake of allegations that he initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old when he was in his 30s, Republicans from his own state seemed to have a different view
Kater Gordon, a former writer on the popular TV show, said in an interview with The Information on Thursday that Matthew Weiner harassed her during a light night in the office
O’Reilly mentioned the death of Bolling’s son during an interview about how sexual harassment allegations affected his own family
President Donald Trump on Monday said he loved France’s Bastille Day so much he might bring the idea of a military parade to America as part of a July 4th celebration
Donald Trump has not made a decision on the DACA program, which protects some young undocumented immigrants
The days of Whole Foods’ reputation for organic-but-expensive goods may soon be coming to an end.
After tweeting the Nazi salute, Lord insisted that he was actually “opposing Nazis and Fascists”
Amid reports that he’s under investigation for obstruction of justice, President Donald Trump said Thursday that investigators should examine unspecified “dealings” that Hillary Clinton and Democrats have with Russia
The former president spoke in front of thousands in Berlin
A former actor who played one of the Power Rangers in the children’s television series has been sentenced to six years in prison for killing his roommate with a sword
In a nearly 6,000-word letter published to his Facebook page on Thursday, Zuckerberg laid out his vision for the kind of world he thinks Facebook can help create
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to Washington, D.C. to visit President Donald Trump on Monday