By People Staff
December 16, 2009 12:00 PM

The women in Zac’s life!

1. Having baby Georgia at home

“We had the midwife, two assistants and an inflatable pool set up with warm water. When Shelly started pushing, there were a few moments, but it was amazing. I make knives in my shop out back, and I made the one I cut the cord with. Made it out of stainless steel and sterilized it. It was natural. It was great.”

2. My wife

“Shelly just gives me strength to be the man that I need to be. Nothing will ever be better than what I have. I know that. I quit drinking about seven or eight months ago. That’s what I gave her for Valentine’s.”

3. My new schedule

“When I’m home, I can’t stay in and sleep. I wanna be with them. Even if I go camping, I wanna go home so I can get up with my girls.”

4. Bath time

“Both Lucy, who’s 1, and Justice, 2, in the tub is awesome. I ache when I’m away. I realize how blessed I am to know that love.”