August 29, 2011 12:00 PM

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scared of nose blowing

Name of kid: Emerson Yeo

Current age: 10 months

Hometown: London, Ont.

Where he is now: After nursing a cold for a week, Karen Yeo, 27, couldn’t resist recording her newborn’s reaction to her blowing her nose. “He would look scared and then laugh,” says the stay-at-home mom. “I thought I have to get him exposed to this because if he goes out in public, people will be blowing their nose all the time! I didn’t want him to have that fear.” After she posted her son’s animated expressions online for her family to see, millions clicked on the link, including Ryan Seacrest who shared the video on his site in March. Emerson now has a manager to field commercial offers-and nothing to fear about his future. “We started a college fund,” Yeo says.

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talking twin brothers

Name of kid: Ren (in red) and Sam McEntee

Current age: 18 months

Hometown: New York City

Where they are now: The identical brothers-whose indecipherable twin speak became a global sensation featured in international campaigns-“know loads of words,” says dad Randy, 32. “But with each other, they use their own language.”

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hysterical over bubbles

Name of kid: Molly Trueblood

Current age: 12 months

Hometown: Madison, Wis.

Where she is now: “We’d been playing with shapes,” says mom Jess Trueblood, 27. “But she was throwing the shapes all over the floor, so I tried bubbles.” When the family’s rescue dog Benni jumped up to pop each one, “Molly thought that was the funniest thing that she’d ever seen.” Since her giggles took off on YouTube, Molly has been trying to play with Benni a lot more. “One of her favorite antics is to try and swim in the dog’s water bowl,” says Jess. “We have to hide that from her.”

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laughing at dad ripping paper

Name of kid: Micah McArthur

Current age: 12 months

Hometown: St. Louis

Where he is now: When Marcus McArthur, 34, opened a job-rejection letter, he started tearing up the notice-much to the delight of his son Micah. Since posting the video of Micah’s infectious giggle, Marcus’s new job is overseeing Micah’s commercial career. (He’s also still looking for a gig teaching history.) But now, says Dad, “people rip paper, and he’s like, ‘Alright, this is getting old.'”

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