By People Staff
November 20, 1995 12:00 PM

Jenna Von Oy’s 18th, L.A., 5-13-95

Waist-deep in presents, Von Oy (who played Six on Blossom) surveyed her 158 friends and declared, “I want everyone to have an amazing time.” And so her guests—including Home Improvement’s Debbe Dunning and seaQuest’s Jonathan Brandis—complied, jamming into the St. Moritz restaurant for blackjack, New York steak and chocolate cake.

Michael Jordan’s 32nd, Chicago, 2-7-95

Basketball great turned baseball rookie Michael Jordan, with wife Juanita, was a perfect 32 for 32 (candles, that is) at a 400-guest gathering for charity at his restaurant. “I don’t have a problem with getting older,” said Jordan. “I’m getting wiser.” One sign: He switched back to hoops in March.

Anthony Quinn’s 80th, L.A., 4-21-95

The mighty Quinn took a two-fisted twirl with Shirley MacLaine at the Bel Air Country Club. The sprightly senior (he has a 20-month-old daughter by his 33-year-old assistant Kathy Benvin) also did a solo dance from Zorba the Greek.

Céline Dion’s 27th, San Antoine, Quebec, 3-30-95

Canada’s Céline Dion didn’t have to sing to produce something sweet: She and some 100 pals “sugared off” at a traditional sap house and made maple syrup.

President Clinton’s 49th, Washington, 8-10-95

White House staffers took the President by surprise, wishing Happy Trails to the Chief at a South Lawn send-off prior to the Clintons’ Wyoming vacation (hence the western wear). Bill and Hillary heard Jimmy Buffett sing, then ate a plane yet fancy dessert.

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 48th, NYC, 10-26-95

Blowing put the First Candle at a National Breast Cancer Coalition benefit, Hillary Clinton took the cake from CBS’s Paula Zahn and Revlon Foundation president Patricia Duff.

Jacques Cousteau’s 85th, Hollywood, 7-8-95

French ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau came up for air at the House of Blues, where his TBS boss Ted Turner (with wife Jane Fonda) gave him a cake festooned with dolphins and whales.

Jerry Lee Lewis’s 60th, Memphis, 9-29-95

Wet cement on his hands couldn’t stop the Killer from playing piano for a few hundred fans at the Blues City Cafe. “The crowd was wonderful,” said Lewis. “A lot of old friends and a lot of new friends.” Not to mention a whole lotta shakin’.

The Dalai Lama’s 60th, New Delhi, 6-7-95

Thousands of Tibetans in traditional dress said prayers and sang devotional hymns during a three-day ceremony for their god-king. The exiled spiritual and political leader of Tibet (right) gave speeches and greeted supporters throughout the Richard Gere-less festivities.

Connie Stevens’s 57th, Marina Del Rev, Calif., 8-13-95

Killing two birds with one cake, actress and cosmetics queen Connie Stevens played host at a birthday party/perfume launch in the Warehouse restaurant. “If you don’t have a good time, you can’t come in,” she playfully warned guests, all 200 of whom went home with a bottle of her newest scent, Kali.

Jerry Lewis’s 69th, NYC, 3-18-95

Classic cutup Jerry Lewis prepared to do just that to his colossal cake at Manhattan’s Planet Hollywood. His second wife, Sam, watched as the mirthday boy, currently touring as the Devil in Damn Yankees, acted nowhere near his age.

The Queen Mum’s 95th, London, 8-4-95

A crowd of 5,000 was anything but mum when the Queen Mother buggied around Clarence House collecting gifts and flowers. Later she greeted royal guests, including grandsons Charles and Andrew (minus Di and Fergie).

David Copperfield’s 39th, Rome, 9-15-95

With help from fiancée Claudia Schiffer—and about 700 guests—illusionist Copperfield made his star-shaped strawberry cheesecake disappear at a Rome charity fund-raiser celebrating the opening of Manhattan’s Fashion Cafe.

Princess Eugenie’s 5th, London, 3-23-95

For once it wasn’t Fergie clowning around. The entertainer was Daronni, who juggled balls and twisted balloons for the Duchess of York, daughters Beatrice, 7 (first child left), and Eugenie (third from left), 11 kids from towns near Chernobyl, in by Fergie’s charity, Children in Crisis

Soleil Moon Frye’s 19th, L.A., 8-6-95

Little Punky Brewster had a grown-up good time at the Union club—so good that cops played party poopers at 2:30 a.m. “I didn’t know I knew so many people,” said the ex-sitcom star, flanked by writer Stephen Klemish and actress Lori Lively (right). Frye’s brother Meeno Peluce (bottom left) brought balloons, while former Head of the Classers Khrystyne Haje and Kimberly Russell (with Frye and Lively, bottom right) were among her 170 funky boosters.

  • Madonna‘s 37th, Miami, 8-17-95
  • The Material Girl (okay, Woman) notched another year with plenty of Cristal, Cuban music and current flame, model Carlos Leon, at the Delano Hotel.

Veronica Webb’s 30th, NYC, 2-23-95

Thousands of calories inches away: what’s a supermodel to do? Svelte and sexy Webb was set to slice at hot spot El Teddy’s. “This party was the best!” she said. “It was so relaxing to turn 30.”

Seiji Ozawa’s 60th, Itzhak Perlman’s 50th, Yo-Yo Ma’s 40th, Tanglewood, 7-23-95

Forget the Three Tenors. It was the Three Birthdays that broke attendance records at the Tanglewood Music Festival in Lenox, Mass., as the Boston Symphony marked milestones for conductor Ozawa, violinist Perlman and cellist Ma.

Bruce Willis‘s 40th, Sun Valley, 4-8-95, 4-9-95

Tough guy Bruce Willis was bowled over when wife Demi Moore (with daughter Tallulah, 1) flew some friends out to the couple’s Sun Valley, Idaho, home base for a weekend pin-dig. Pals such as Geena Davis and Don Johnson split into teams and shared Willis’s passion for life in the fast lanes at the Mountain Sun bowling alley in Bellevue.

Willis had well-wishers to spare (and strike), like ex-Cheerster Woody Harrelson, who brought along 2-year-old daughter Deni and proved to be a natural-born bowler.

After rolling a few, Willis rocked out at Dynomite Lounge, his club in nearby Ketchum. Helping Bruce get loose was Tom Jones, whose What’s New Pussycat is a Willis favorite.

That’s not Demi doing a sexy number for bashful Bruce (though her next film is Striptease), it’s female impersonator Jasmine, hired by Moore to entertain her hubby.

Bowling balls feel like grapefruits to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Willis’s Planet Hollywood partner and, at 48, a fellow member of the Over 40 Action Hero club.